Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In Mortal Danger by Tom Tancredo, socio-politics & the banishing of basic ethics

News can be alarming, although necessary if one is not to become an Ostrich and lose the salt (as in salt of the earth, not some tasty dish). Apparently, Al-Qaeda has planned more strategic attacks on the USA. Not that it comes as any surprise. What did we expect? That they’d take a long vacation? Dah…! Let’s face it. America’s made it easy access.

If you don’t believe me, read IN MORTAL DANGER – The Battle for America’s Border and Security by Tom Tancredo, U.S. Congressman, Colorado (WND Books). Extremely enlightening, delightful reading, I highly recommend it. (The book reflects Tom’s integrity.)

I wish I’d read In Mortal Danger before. I’ll say more when I’ve finished reading but for now it’s triggered off several thoughts:

Today, our core Christian values are being turned topsy-turvy, justified by relativism so that it’s calling evil good is commonplace. No wonder then that illegal actions are glossed over, even endorsed. But when we accommodate those who bypass the law instead of making them accountable, we promote the belief that breaking the law is OK. (The book’s context clarifies this statement but to avoid ambiguous interpretations to any who don’t know my heart, I’m not referring to actions parallel to Corrie Ten Boom deceiving Hitler’s rĂ©gime to obey God’s higher law of compassion).

Anyone can understand why people want to come to America—especially me. But to bypass the proper channels only increases internal instability. And employing illegal aliens (who provide cheap labor) as a means to increase one’s income is not only rooted in greed, it’s illegal.

I remember being a little girl (amazing I can remember that far back), and seeing Muslim-nation immigrants pour into England like uncountable (and unaccountable) stampedes. I remember parents expressing alarm about how this would tax the national health system (it did—it rendered it practically impotant!).

Today, Britain is paying. Hearing Dad talk about Britain’s present socio-political front is scary. (No, it’s not scary to talk to Dad—he’s a sweetie—but it’s scary to hear what’s happening). Still, England’s instability may prove to be childplay compared to what could well happen in America—if we don’t wake up.

Today I received a comment from a missionary-pastor friend, James, who wrote this with regards to a NY Times article entitled “Small Donors Give Big to Obama” by Dan Morain and Doug Smith, Times Staff Writers, July 16, 2007. (Check it out online). Sez Missionary James: “…I read the following article and was truly shocked. How can a Muslim get this far in the campaign for the highest office in the USA? This is a very disturbing news article to me. America needs to wake up now instead of after the election. Many people were shocked when an unknown like Bill Clinton was elected. I hope we are not asleep this time. Obama attended Wahabi school in Jakarta. Wahabism is the Radical teaching that is followed by Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad against the western world. His recent move to join the Church of Christ is nothing less than “political candy.” Don’t swallow it. Be assured, a stomach ache is soon to follow. James”.

That’s not hard to digest, James. You wrapped it up well.

However, I'd still like to know more on all the candidates before casting judgment. I know better than to believe what media say -- whether good or bad. Best to check out the facts thoroughly first. After all, there are a lot of alarmists out there, and they only serve to distract us from our true focus, make Christians look like idiots, and keep us from the essential. Let's pray diligently and ask God to really lead us in truth and illuminate the facts.

Now, how do we prepare our children for this kind of unpromising future? A friend recently interviewed me with regards to my book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children - Biblical Direction for Practical Parenting Issues

Meanwhile, I believe that there’s never been a needier time to better equip ourselves as parents—for the sake of our children’s future. May God give us grace to obey.

Janey L. DeMeo
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