Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wildflower, a psychological thriller with a message of hope

Haunted by recurring nightmares and a traumatic childhood, art student Chloe Moray manifests her inner turmoil through some dark artwork. But she cannot identify exactly where the disturbing images come from, and begins to suspect that they relate to suppressed memories—memories that seem to link to the unresolved death of a teen girl some twelve years prior.

But everyone thinks that Chloe, played by Nathalia Ramos (Nickelodeon’s “House of Anubis”, ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth”) is simply delusional with serious mental issues. Everyone but Josh that is. He thinks there may be something more behind the visions.

Josh, played by Cody Longo (High School, Fame, Not Today, Hollywood Heights…), shrouded by his own sad memories from a personal tragedy, and struggling not to lose his faith, finds himself wanting to help Chloe. In so doing, he finds himself risking his life looking for a killer. Josh’s compassion for Chloe—his desire to walk with her through this tense drama—lead both of them toward healing.

Wildflower brings a strong message of healing and restoration. It is suspenseful with many unexpected twists that keep you guarded till the end. Worth seeing. 

Written and directed by Nicholas “Nick” DiBella, a prolific and successful screenplay writer (Runnin' Home, Address UnknownChasing Bobby Jones, Kart Racer), this inspiring psychological thriller is being released worldwide this Spring.

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Janey DeMeo M.A.

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