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Faith of our Fathers, excellent movie

Faith of our Fathers is a highly entertaining film, which weaves tension and tragedy with humor to bring an inspiring Gospel-centered story.
The central theme surrounds two young men who desire closure from their fathers’ early deaths during the Vietnam war.

Protagonist John Paul George—played by Kevin Downes (Courageous, Mom’s Night Out)—can’t help but think of his deceased father as he prepares for his upcoming marriage to Annie (music artist Rebecca St.James). Wanting to know how his father died during the Vietnam war, George sets out to find a man who was his dad’s war colleague and who may have answers.

George’s quest leads him to a strange, unpolished character, Wayne Adams, who wants answers about his own father’s death in the Vietnam war. The two fathers were in the war together. So, as a double quest, George and Adams set off to DC to visit the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall.

Wayne Adams—played by David A.R. White (God’s Not Dead, Mom’s Night Out)—is an annoying person with few scruples. But there’s more to this rough-neck than meets the eye. David White portrays this role brilliantly and with an uncanny Owen Wilson air about him.

The story’s honest treatment of war and the pains of losing a father are emphasized by the use of flashbacks showing the two military fathers in action during the war. Amidst hardships and humorous detours, both sons eventually find closure as they unwrap the Christ-centered legacy their fathers left—a legacy that bonds them together like brothers.

In an interview on The 700 Club, producer/writer/actor Kevin Downes and actor Stephen Baldwin, who played Sargent Mansfield, share their passion for the movie and their desire to see Vietnam vets honored. Baldwin expressed that the film emphasis “no greater love.” He talked about how unresolved questions can keep people from God, but “This film helps by addressing these issues.”

Downes too expressed how important it is to honor the sacrifices made for our freedom: “There are 58,307 names on that wall. Every one has a story that should be honored!” His favorite line? “This is why we need dads.”

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, Faith of our Fathers comes out in theaters on July 1st.

Find out more about Faithof our Fathers here.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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