Thursday, January 15, 2015

InScribed, a series of Bible-based books for women

The InScribed collection from Thomas Nelson publishers is a new series of women’s Bible studies and testimonies on various topics relevant to women. 

The collection is designed to help women grow stronger and deeper in their walk with God through life’s varying challenges ranging from infertility to self-identity and everything in between.

The latest titles in the InScribed collection include: Just RISE UP! by Sarah Francis Martin, Barren Among The Fruitful by Amanda Hope Haley and Inseparable by Ashley Linne.

Barren Among The Fruitful! highlights the emotional and social struggles that accompany infertility. The book includes several stories from women who have walked the path of pain and disappointment of barrenness. In a woman-to-woman way, they share their trials and their triumphs – the diverse ways that God ministered to them and led them as they sought fruitfulness.

Barren Among The Fruitful! draws from Scripture and biblical viewpoint which, together with the testimonies, provide encouragement and strength to those feeling the sting of infertility. This book differs from another recent book I reviewed for Zondervan on the same subject, Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet, which is more a memoir and personal story of adoption.

All three books in this InScribe collection are beautifully bound in paperback matt covers with a soft rustic design in faded colors giving them an olde-worlde feel. The covers have a convenient flipback on the front and backside which work as inbuilt bookmarks.

A sweet collection that many different types of women would enjoy.

This story also appears in Assist News.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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