Sunday, November 02, 2014

The NKJV Study Bible

No wonder the NKJV Study Bible (Thomas Nelson) is hefty. It is jam-packed with Bible study tools, charts, pictures – you name it, it’s there.

But be warned. This is not the Bible you grab to bring to church because of its weight. Rather, it’s the book you keep on your desk as a resource and for serious study.

This Bible is a great addition to any theological library, and especially for someone wanting to study the Bible in its cultural and historical context and to see how it all weaves together as one piece. And for minimalists, the NKJV Study Bible is in itself a comprehensive condensed theological library.

As far as readability, the layout is clean and although the font size is small it clearly legible. Paper is thin (thank goodness or you’d need huge muscles to carry it). On the down side, some of the photos provided to illustrate and highlight the text, are so tiny it is hard to see what they are. Maybe use a magnifying glass?!

Nifty features in the NKJV Study Bible include:
·        Attractive full-color page layout
·        Superb photos and graphics of Bible lands
·        Maps and charts woven in the text
·        Word studies and indexes
·        Bible Times and Culture Notes
·        Intros to Bible books
·        Outlines and timelines
·        Easy-to-read articles and notes to enhance Bible study
·        Deluxe NKJV Concordance
·        Intertwining references

The NKJV Study Bible is the complete package for those who want to delve deeply into God’s Word. Think Christmas gifts for hungry Bible students. (Do not think Christmas stocking – unless you have giant stockings.)

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