Friday, October 10, 2014

Love Letters from God

The Bible is filled with wonderful stories that delight children. But it takes a good storyteller to engage young children and related the stories to their little worlds. As seen in her latest children’s book, Love Letters from God (Zonderkidz) Glenys Nellist is that kind of storyteller.

Love Letters from God contains about twenty beautifully illustrated Bible stories, each accompanied by Scripture in the section “God’s Wonderful Words to You” and with the added bonus of a “Love Letter from God”—a stamped card envelope in which opens to reveal a letter crafted from principles from God’s Word. An underlined space allows for the child to write their own name and personalize the letter.

Gorgeous artwork by Sophie Allsop adds to Nellist’s captivating narrative with its catchy titles such as ‘The Sneaky Snake,” “The Very Smelly Belly,” and “The Super-Duper Picnic” to name just a few.

The book comes in an attractive, colorful hard-back cover with glossy imprints superimposed on matt paper. Delightful—until the child destroys that outside paper cover, of course. But, even if that paper cover does get destroyed, the hard cover underneath is adorned with the same artwork but without the glossy effect. Phew!

This book is large and might have worked better on a smaller scale so that young hands could grasp and flip through at their leisure. As is, the size is a little awkward for young children to hold and browse through on their own.

Love Letters from God is aimed at children 4-8 years old. For children nearer the older side of the spectrum though, I suggest reading the Bible’s actual rendition of the story as well as Nellist’s version, since her stories are abbreviated fun adaptations Scripture. Nothing bypasses the need for pure Bible reading—especially for older children.

Too big to stuff in a stocking (unless you have a huge stocking) but definitely makes a great gift for young’s.

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