Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Far From Home, new movie

Coming this Sunday, February 9th on DirectTV channel 338, Dish channel 188 and Cable at 7pm ET/8PT,  Far From Home. 

Here’s another family-friendly original movie airing on UPtv later this week, Far From Home, starring Barry Watson (“7th Heaven,” “Gossip Girl”) and Stefanie von Pfetten (“Cracked,” “NCIS”). 

Watson plays Nicholas Bell, author of Broken Windows—a successful novel that birthed Bell’s reputation as the new voice of his generation. But fifteen years later, it was still Nick’s only novel. Something had cut off his creative juices?

Nick found himself reluctantly returning to his hometown in Marrow Island for the funeral of his Uncle Charley whom he’d not seen nor spoken to in fifteen years. As if returning to the place wasn’t painful enough, he also learns that he has inherited part of its history – his uncle’s newspaper, The Beacon. But Nick wants nothing to do with it. He wants nothing to do with any part of Marrow Island – something he makes clear to attractive and assertive local attorney, Libby Wainscott (Stefanie von Pfetten).

Read my full review of Far From Home in The Examiner. It will also appear in Assist News Service.

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