Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Bride For All Seasons -- a fun read

A delightful bundle of four light-hearted, redemption-filled novellas written by four different authors best describes A Bride for All Seasons from The Mail Order Bride Collection published by Thomas Nelson.
Each story represents a different season in 1870—a time when brides or husbands were hard to come by in many states. Each novella features its own unique characters and matrimonial prospects ordered by desperate bachelors from the Hitching Post Mail-Order Bride Catalogue. But sometimes you don’t get exactly what you ordered.
The hopeful spouses all come with their own set-of-baggage and expectations – all of which lead to an amusing and entertaining narrative. The first novella is particularly moving since a key character is a troubled orphan boy. His story is woven into the narrative and ends with its own happy-ever-after.
A Bride For All Seasons affords light reading with a biblical message. A perfect summer read.
The charming tales included in A Bride For All Seasons are as follows:
“And then Came Spring" by Margaret Brownley
"An Ever After Summer" by Debra Clopton
"Autumn's Angel" by Robin Lee Hatcher
"Winter Wedding Bells" by Mary Connealy

A similar version of this story will appear in Assist News Service.

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