Friday, January 11, 2013

The Reason

A violent storm splits apart the cross outside St. Thomas’ Church in a small Michigan town, causing a stir within the community.  Although the damage seems too severe to repair, several people want to try to repair the cross. They are compelled to give it their best shot—as if trying to fix the brokenness caused by the storms in their own lives. 

But no one’s life is more shattered than Brooke’s, a single mom who discovers that her young son, Alex, is on death’s door. No one has it that bad. Not Zach, even though he hides a heavy past that weighs him down daily. Not Carla, the perpetual “loser” (or so she thinks). Not even Pastor Jim who is blind.  No one can remove Brooke’s heavy cross, much as they try to do what they can.

But there is one who can do more than most—Kenneth the carpenter. He seemed to have access to miracles. He repaired the cross alone, in seconds. Just like that!

Kenneth knows God’s Word deeply and possesses deep insight into people. He just might know The Reason behind all the commotion…and be able to usher in some much-needed healing. But will he? Or is he waiting for everyone to “only believe”?

Read more of this review in The San Diego Christian Perspectives Examiner.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

Copyright © January 2013


Jeanlet said...

I enjoyed your blog and will read it more often.
I would love to know more about your orphans org.-volunteer positions, etc.-I am in San Diego until the end of February.

Janey DeMeo said...

Good to hear from you. I'll man an Orphans First booth@ North Coast Calvary Chapel In Carlsbad next week-end. We could connect there.

Jeanlet said...

That would be great! I have a good friend who goes there! Which service will you be at?