Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dawn Comes Early

What makes a beautiful and talented young girl want to forgo the chance of being married to become a ranch owner? And what happens when she meets the kind of man she never dreamed could exist? Will she stick to her guns or yield to love’s temptation?

Dawn Comes Early by Margaret Brownley is a good old-fashioned western romance laced with plenty of surprises and humor.

Kate Tenney is a writer who finds herself in straights when her novel is banned. Needing security and purpose, she answers an ad seeking an heiress for The Last Chance Ranch in Arizona. Only there’s a catch. If she passes the grueling trial period and is accepted, the contract mandates that she remain single. Not a problem for Kate since she doesn’t trust men anyway. Her real problem is whether she can master ranch life enough to be chosen as heiress—or so she thinks.

Then along comes Luke Adams . . . and Kate finds herself with a man-sized problem.

Not only is Brownley’s storyline tender, suspenseful and humorous, but her characters are masterfully crafted with their own individual personalities and idiosyncrasies. A delightful read.

I received this book as a Thomas Nelson Booksneeze blogger.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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