Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Brotherhood - A Precinct 11 Novel

The Brotherhood – A Precinct 11 Novel, by bestselling author, Jerry B. Jenkins is a page-turner with believable characters and a faith-building message. It reads like watching a movie (hint! hint! filmmakers).

The Brotherhood holds all the components of great fiction: tragedy, suspense, crime, gore, drama, and romance – entertainment at its best. If that were all, it’d be worth the read, but it gets better. The story also provides spiritual fodder.

The narrative surrounds Chicago cop Boone Drake and the immense tragedy of the worst kind of personal loss that tests the very core of all he is—especially his faith.

Although a regular church attendee, Drake had two main passions: his close family and his career. When his first passion was destroyed—literally—he tried to thrust himself into the second with hopes of becoming a Chicago gangbuster. But was he ready? Would his absence of solid faith affect his decisions and jeopardize any hope of promotion?

Drake soon learned that God’s plans included a lot more than a promotion; they included a change of heart.

Great novel for all who like pure entertainment.

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Janey L. DeMeo M.A.

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