Monday, February 28, 2011


I reviewed PrayFit out of curiosity. How is it celebrities recommend a fitness book that focuses on Jesus? (Not your usual Hollywood stuff, for sure.) I soon found out what makes PrayFit buzz-worthy.

PrayFit is a guide to a healthy body and stronger faith in 28 days and includes devotions, exercises, tips and meal plans.

Author and fitness guru, Jimmy Pena, shares his wisdom about exercise, food and faith. Jimmy Page, MS and Jim Stoppani, PHD, complete the package making PrayFit an easy-read manual on growing in faith and fitness in 28 days.

Don’t get me wrong. Although PrayFit provides a challenging 28-day workout plan (which, by the way, involves zero equipment, so no excuses anyone), the spiritual component is not deep theology. The devotional nuggets and prayers are simple, but nonetheless biblical. And, like the meal-plans and food tips, readings are bite-sized easy to read.

PrayFit provides intense workouts, thorough food info and inspiring spiritual content. I recommend it for just about anyone. (Makes a great gift—especially for friends interested in improving their health and needing to draw closer to Jesus.)

Follow up tips and info are also provided via Good stuff.

Janey L. DeMeo M.A.
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