Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Year With God

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A Year With God by R.P.Nettelhorst is a daily reading devotional book providing an overview of God at work in the Old Testament.

Compiled into sections highlighting facets of God’s character (such as love, forgiveness, mercy, faith…), each reading begins with a passage from the Old Testament followed by a brief, devotional commentary. Sometimes the commentary expounds the Scripture cited for that day’s reading; other times the author points to other relevant passages that add clarity.

This book is a great tool for those who’d like to grow in their understanding of the Old Testament. I wouldn’t, however, recommend it for new converts and babes in Christ because it’s hard reading.

My criticism of the book would be in the following areas:
* The use of different Bible translations is distracting.
* There are a number of serious editing mistakes including mixing up Bible characters.
* There’s no bio. (Many readers want to know what makes the author an expert on their subject before they’ll believe a book’s content.)

Overall, though, this book is a great daily read to help you know God more deeply via the Old Testament.

As a Booksneeze blogger I received this book courtesy of Thomas Nelson publishers.

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