Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Searching for God Knows What

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From Adam to Eve to potential visiting aliens, in Searching for God Knows What, Don Miller explores the human dilemma in his typical humorous, thought-probing style. Humans are both complex and simple, entangled in a web of fallen selfhood. Our biggest search – or felt-need – is for significance.

We spend our lives striving for identity and acceptance, subconsciously yielding to, as Miller puts it, a “jury of peers,” seeking their endorsement. Like people in a lifeboat, we strive for survival in a hierarchy based on humanly perceived worth. We hope to make it but we always fall short. No amount of human approval fulfills us and replaces what we lost in the Garden—our relationship with God.

Miller explains our hopelessly hollow hearts and desire for significance in his 5-point Genesis Theory. We are broken. Only Jesus can fix us. And He does this through relationship.

This book answers a lot of questions and could really help people in marriage, or any other kind of relationship. My only criticism: I had to read some sentences twice because of an absence of punctuation which, while expressing Miller’s unique voice, obscures the meaning. Still, this book’s a great read for both seekers and mature Christians alike.

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