Thursday, December 31, 2009

Limping Into 2010 -- with Faith

New Years Eve is a special time for my family. We write prayer requests for the coming year, and review those we wrote the year before. We look at what God has done. We rejoice in answered prayers – and those He has not answered in the way we had hoped. This annual review is a huge faith booster as there are always – always – some requests God has answered exceedingly above all we could ever ask or think.

This year, I’m stunned to see the precise way in which God has answered prayer. I’m equally amazed to see that some prayers I’ve prayed for years and, if I didn’t know better (doctrinally speaking), I’d think God was ignoring me. What I’ve noticed, though, is that over the years, my heart has changed. It has begun better aligning itself to God’s will, and ignoring (at least a little) my own.

This is because God does not always give me what I want. He doesn’t even always give me what I need – although sometimes He does. He gives me what He needs to give me to fulfill His purposes. And as I grow older, I love this.

As I look back over this year, even the past decade, I realize that I’ve been limping a lot. I have wounds. Life-stuff. People. Circumstances. Mostly just me. I am my own worst enemy because I get in the way of God’s plan when I don’t align my thoughts to God’s. But even though I limp a little, I am moving forward – by God’s.

This next year I want to move forward. I want to move Orphans First forward and move forward with my family, ministry, life . . . I want God to move me forward to be closer to Him. That will happen if I stop looking at myself and get up off the ground and, well, walk.

The best movie of the year was without question The Blind Side. I’ll see it next year again for sure.

One of my fave quotes this year is from a book I’ll be reviewing next year (uh, next year is almost here): The Bible is "the most rational, accurate, well-documented body of literature in the history of the world." --David Jeremiah.

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Here’s a video that inspires me to walk forward – a two-legged dog, Faith, who never gave up. Consequently, her life has been used to touch thousands. May God help us to be like Faith, and walk in faith.

Let’s meet again soon. Blessed New Year. I pray 2010 will be a year of more changes – changes where Jesus is exalted.

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Faith Imagined said...

I limped a lot in 2009.

BTW, I just saw Blindside last night and loved it!