Monday, November 17, 2008

Shade -- CSFF blog tour review

Creepy. Suspenseful. And page-turningly weird. Yep, you’ll find it all in this month’s featured book on the CSFF Blog Tour—Shade by John Olson.

In Shade, Olson weaves a supernatural, suspense story with an unlikely romantic twist.

Intelligent, beautiful Hailey Maniates finds herself assaulted by a homeless man whose thoughts and emotions seem to eerily penetrate hers. When another homeless character comes to her rescue—an ultra-tall, scruffy, bearded hunchback called Melchi—Hailey uncannily finds her mind and emotions meshed with his. These bizarre and almost telepathic sensations land Hailey in hospital where she is diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

An ancient battle between the forces of darkness—personified by the mysterious Mulo—and the light, provide the backdrop for the story and keep you turning pages.

Olson manages to plop the Gospel message in Shade—albeit a little indiscreetly. Still, the book highlights the Christian faith well. It even hints at the deeper struggles Christians often face as reflected in Melchi’s desire to serve the Holy One—an aspiration, which is complexly intertwined with a sense of self-imposed legalism.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Olson manages to plop the Gospel message in Shade—albeit a little indiscreetly. Great line, Janey. In fact, I thought that whole paragraph was insightful!

BTW, did you happen to catch Family Life Today on the radio this morning (8:30 on KKLA here in the LA area). The discussion was on the rising number of orphans worldwide. I thought of you at once.


Janey DeMeo said...

Thanks for thinking of me Becky. No, I didn't catch Family Life today, but it is sadly true that there are more and more orphans in the world.

Let's pray we can continue providing for the ones already under our care, and reach more -- in spite of the economic crisis.

I'll pop over to your blog & leave a comment also.

Janey --