Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Love Lessons from Christian the Lion

Tonight I heard of a teen boy torturing a baby—and laughing at it. Sure, the boy will be punished, but will the baby boy ever recover from his wounds ? We need to pray that he will.

In one sense, children can mend fast—if they’re loved. And a child who is loved will never forget those who love him, even if he doesn’t know how to respond and spends forever testing that love. It takes loving,loving and loving . . . and lots of prayer.

Here’s a clip on YouTube you don’t want to miss. Guaranteed to warm your heart: Christian the Lion. This is a true story. As a cub, Christian was nurtured and raised by two boys. When he reached a certain size, they were obliged to take him to Africa (on some kind of sarafi park I guess). A year later, they decided to visit him. They were told he wouldn’t recognize them. But . . . well, watch for yourself. And get your tissues ready.




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