Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My response to recent news regarding children’s bizarre behavior.

Some things make my blood boil—especially when they fly against reason. Here’s one of them.

I recently heard on the news that kids as young as four are being accused of sexual harassment because they tapped someone’s behind in school. What made me irate was not just the stupidity of attributing such playfulness to intentionally sexual behavior, but also the taunting hypocrisy of such a mindset. On one hand, we blame small children for acting like small children, distastefully twisting the intent of their childish gestures. On the other hand, we teach them that same sex couples is normalcy, and expose them to blatantly inappropriate images on TV, poster ads etc.

It seems that society’s gone bonkers. Mad! Where do people draw their conclusions from? How are parents finding answers in today’s upside-down world?

The place where I found the most answers was in the Bible. And I’ve enjoyed sharing my gleanings over the past 20 years whether by speaking or teaching. In fact, it was by request of parents who enjoyed my teaching that I wrote my book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children.

It addresses such issues as how to deal with the warped values of the world, how to train our children to think with God and rise above the grime, and how we the parents can lovingly inspire them into wanting to make a difference so that these kind of absurdities don’t happen.

My book also addresses another common dilemma reflected in recent news titles—why few students are proficient writers today.

As a child advocate (Orphans First – www.orphansfirst.org-, and as co-founder of a Christian school in France, children’s educational issues are important to me. And as a European and a mom who raised her children in France, I believe I bring a more global perspective to the table.

Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! has an entire chapter devoted to literature, music and toys. It offers ways parents can draw their children to love good books, and consequently develop good writing. If you know parents, teachers or child workers seeking honest answers, I hope you encourage them to pick up a copy of my book. See it here: https://www.carepointministry.com/parenting.html.

Find out more about my writing and speaking here: www.JaneyDeMeo.com.

Janey DeMeo©April 2008

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Diana Joy said...

Your book is wonderful! I am going to see if I can copy paste the book on my site :)
Thanks for the call Janey!!!
You're a true friend!
Love always,
Diana Joy