Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alarming News from the week of 9/11

Heavy stuff, this weeks news. China bans lead paint on toys to be shipped into the USA. Bravo. Wonderful. So does that mean that toys remaining in China—or going to other countries—will contain lead paint? Silly me. I forgot. Many little Chinese kids, and most kids in the third world, don’t have toys. Not like Americans. But if they’re lucky enough to have one or two, they’ll likely be laden with lead. Deadly lead!

The thought of children consuming lead—or any poison for that matter—because of man’s greed, his desire to make more money with less care, faster, is heavy stuff.

I’ve been thinking about hot topics relating to the welfare of children. Take, for example, the McCanns, now accused of killing their missing child, Madeleine. I don’t know all the facts, and I’m convinced the media won’t give them to you. It’s hard to glean objective reports among the grapple and grab for sensationalism. Is Portugal’s trying to cover something up? It is hard to imagine that this couple who seem to love their twins could have done anything to that little princess. I do know one thing for sure: God knows. And I’m praying that truth be revealed.

Meanwhile, I know about another couple accused of killing a child. I choose not to give details here but I spent some time researching their story. If you read some articles, you’d swear the parents were culprits—or at best disciplinarian fanatics. But if you dig deeper, it’s not that hard to read in between the lines. It sure is looking as if some “force” is trying to destroy a Christian family and discourage fostering and adoptions. It reminds me of a sad conspiracy reflecting the dark times we live in. I’m praying for the couple concerned and for truth to be revealed.

More news: A school principle left her child in her SUV for 8 hours. The car got unbearably hot. The baby died. She apparently forgot the child in her haste to get to her job. Should she be prosecuted? Oh my, how did we ever get to this place? This is insane.

I don’t want to stir up controversy. I know little about the above news items. I have no right to spout an opinion. But what I do want to say is that we cannot just gullibly believe what the media spouts out. And when we hear that America’s (happily) is taking measures to refuse toys with lead in them, we can rejoice—yes, do let’s rejoice—but let’s not close our hearts to the thought that so many children elsewhere are not protected. It’s just not economically interesting to seek their protection.

My conclusion: We need to pray like we’ve never prayed before. We need to talk to God about all these issues, ask for His wisdom, guidance and also ask Him what we should do. And we need to pray for His truth to be upheld.

More news: One in a million have sextuplets. A 29 year old in Tampa gives birth to sextuplets—5 boys, one girl. She chose not to eliminate any. (Good for you gal! Those babies belong to God). The babies are beautiful, as is the couple’s other little girl. I wonder how they’ll cope. I also wonder if they used fertility drugs (the news didn’t go into that). And I wonder again what will happen to the thousands of abandoned children, not wanted, stuck in the foster system or some orphanage somewhere.

Meanwhile, a 16-year-old kid drops out of high school and now works for UPS. Why? Because his mom is now in prison for 2 years. Why? Because she bought beer for her minor’s birthday party, at his request. She took the car keys from all the kids who were there and insisted that they stay the night. Still, she bought them beer illegally. And now she’s behind bars. And Ryan’s life is ruined. Sure, his mom made a mega mistake. But my heart breaks because this kid’s heart is broken. His life is destroyed because of it. No future for him now. Just a broken heart—unless God does a miracle. I’m counting on the latter. I’m trusting God will do a miracle for Ryan. Let’s pray for him.

Commemorated on 9/11 this week: 2, 974 died at the Twin Towers and the crashed planes combined—all that because of terrorists. Tragic. But the greater tragedy is that America is still letting in illegal immigrants from high risk countries. I would encourage anyone to read of In Mortal Danger by Cong. Tom Tancredo and learn some of the things that are still taking place in America.


Janey DeMeo©September 2007

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