Thursday, March 15, 2007

Into Africa

“I’m leaving on a jet plane. Let’s hope I’ll make it home again.” No, it’s not a new song I wrote. Just this week’s reality.

Some know the movie Out of Africa. Well my husband and I are going into Africa (again)—to four countries. Louis will, of course, train leaders and national pastors, and mentor in evangelism and church planting. I’ll teach the women and especially work with street children, poor children, orphans…in hopes of catalyzing a ministry to suffering children among the African churches. (I first did this in India in 1998, and then founded Orphans First to provide a support system for more needy children’s ministries: Anyway, please keep our trip to Africa in prayer. Back in April.

Meanwhile, the CSFF blogtour is set for March 19th – 21st, but since I’ll probably be either in a plane or in some African country when my co-bloggers post their reviews, I’m posting mine a few days ahead of time...

Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson

I love Randy Ingermanson’s book, Double Vision. Unlike Randy and his two main characters, Dillon and Rachel, I’m neither a physicist nor a computer geek, but my love for character-driven stories made this book a delightful read for me. Randy’s characters are distinctly portrayed and their lives intertwine with enough curious complexity so as to keep you turning pages—at double-pace.

Double Vision is the story of “three secrets, two women, one man and no time.” Dillon Richard is the one man whose unusual gifting of geekishness, integrity and good looks make him intriguing. He is a genuine genius who finds himself entangled in an adventure involving two lovely women: Rachel Meyers and Keryn Wills. One is a genius and extroverted beauty of Jewish background; the other an attractive novelist, down-to-earth financial officer and practicing Christian. Both work with Dillon on a project that, if successful, could revolutionize the world. A complex adventure ensues endangering their lives and their secrets. In the mix of the complot is the added complication of two women liking one man, and one man needing to make the right choice.

Christy Award-winning novelist. Randy Ingermanson is also a Berkeley-trained physicist. Double Vision is humorous, suspenseful, and romantic and Randy’s style reminds me of another of my “favoritist” writers and good friend, Bill Myers. Is the world ready for both Bill Myers and Randy Ingermanson? I’ll let you decide. Check out Double Vision here:
Visit Randy Ingermanson’s website -
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Now, out of marvelous fiction and back to reality. I really am leaving on a jet plane…and really do covet your prayers. I’ve been to Africa several times but I cannot forget that on my first visit some pesky little mosquito made straight for me, took a long sip from my arm and ignored the fact I was taking the malaria meds. That mostinko was immune. I got the worse strain of malaria that exists and it almost made me extinct. I barely got out of Africa alive. But that was years ago, in my younger days when my blood was more appealing. Or so I like to tell myself…
Prayers appreciated – for health, traveling mercies, blessing for those here on the homefront, and that the work of God be done so that many Africans hear the Gospel and many poor children are concretely helped.

As we say in French, until soon (à bientôt). Que Dieu vous bénisse.


Randy Ingermanson said...

Hi Janey:

Thanks for the review of Double Vision! It was great getting to know you at the Colorado conference a couple of years ago. I know you're in Africa now, you world traveller, you! Have fun and try not to get malaria, or you might end up with a real case of double vision.


Becky said...

Janey, I will be praying for you. Thanks for making the extra effort to post before you left. Now that's real dedication.


Karen said...

Janey, thanks for giving yourself to the Lord's work and to these African orphans. May the Lord watch over you and them as you serve Him.