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Feb. 6th, 2007

Many years ago, before it was a phenomena, someone sent me the first Harry Potter book to review for my kids. They thought that I’d like the fact that the author is a Brit like me. But what I read shocked me, especially the focus on an orphan who suddenly discovers he’s got magic powers. I realized how this could impact needy kids who long to fit in, be loved, find a niche and even have power over the elements that foster their unhappiness. The magic provided counterfeit solutions to desensitize little minds from the real solution—Christ.

As this crafty witchcraft craze has grown and sown its seeds of darkness, I have become more and more excited about the Christian authors that God has raised up to perpetrate truth in kid format. I thank God for them.

That is why I delight in introducing the Mercy Force series written by Dr. Herbert J. Kellner, co-authored by Connie Penn. These books, beginning with the Secret of the Ancient Crowns, could revolutionize our young people and energize them to serve the cause of Christ in very practical ways.

The story centers around three children, Cameron, Jacqueline and Data, who are introduced to world needs and biblical principles through some mystical power hidden in three ancient crowns that release supernatural power to transport them to other worlds. Here they are introduced to animals—each one with a special story to tell, and each one’s story having a special lesson to teach—that the world needs compassion.

What particularly touched me in this first book is that the author touches on the very real, cruel situations in the world as recounted in each animal’s personal story. However, it’s not done in a way that would depress the young reader’s mind, but rather with a note of hope and redemption that serves to motivate them to go and make a difference for others. After their supernatural voyage, the children decide to become a mercy force in a fallen world where their compassionate actions can help others.

I highly recommend this book which rises far above spooky kid-lit and enters a realm of reality that we often seek to avoid—that this world is a cruel place. But instead of seeking to combat it with magic, this book proposes tapping into a higher source, God, and thereby making this world a better place for some. The message is beautifully woven within the fabric of children’s fantasy fiction which compels you further into the chapters.

Secret of the Ancient Crowns can be seen here: http://www.csnbooks.com/bimg/2226.jpg
(You’ll soon hear more on it as it is adapted into film format.)

If you’d like to buy a copy of the Secret of the Ancient Crowns, and benefit Orphans First also, please email me and I will tell you how: Janey@orphansfirst.org

Also, if you’d like to know more on how to teach your children about compassion, biblical truth, Bible wonders, and how their lives fit into God’s great plan, please check out my parenting book: Heaven Help Me Raise These Children: -- Biblical Direction For Practical Parenting Issues. Go to: http://www.carepointministry.com/ Click on Parenting and voilĂ . Or go to www.orphansfirst.org and click on the relevant link.

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Eve Nielsen said...

I so agree with you about Harry Potter. Yet, even good things can distact one from turning to Christ. I'd rather instill the good in my children, though, than just the mediocre or less. This "new-to-me" series looks exciting. Perhaps the CSFF blog tour will highlight them sometime.

Christopher Hopper said...

Thanks so much, Janey! Will follow that lead for some new reading. It's very interesting: one of the first "wow" moments for me after my first book was published was when a 9 year old wrote in to say that he had made a deal with his mom: "If I like CH's book, then I'll promise to burn all my Harry Potter books. But if I don't like it, I'm keeping my Harry Potter books." What possessed him at 9 to make such a bet must have been the Spirit of God (because there are no subliminal messages in my book about burning!). Needless to say, it wasn't my book he burned when he was done. Wow. Just thought I'd share that. Blessings!